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Things to know about the BBA in Interior Designing

The term Interior Designing is always used to refer to the course, which basically given the knowledge about it as an art as well as a science that enhances the interiors, exterior, of a particular space or a building, to accomplish a pleasing environment for the end user. Presently, this course is offered as a bachelor’s degree as well so that students don’t have to pursue another bachelor’s course for just a degree as a graduate. There is one of the interior designing courses in Delhi known as BBA in fashion designing that offers a degree Bachelor in Business Administration in Interior Designing.

This is a three year undergraduate course, that aims at imparting in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of interior designing and styling. This course offers knowledge about the spatial designs for working, living, institutional and hospitality environments. The students are also provided the conceptual and technical understanding of the subject.

The subjects are divided into three years as follows:

BBA 1st Year

  • Colors & Draft Building
  • Auto Cad
  • Interior Design
  • Building Construction
  • History Of Architecture

BBA 2nd  Year

  • Graphics
  • Building Construction And Marketing
  • Furniture Design Display
  • History Of Architecture
  • Project On Interior Design
  • Interior Designing

BBA 3rd  Year

  • Building Construction
  • Furniture Design Display
  • History Of Architecture
  • Estimation
  • Interior Design



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