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What are the signs of reading difficulty?

The parents sometimes witness their child struggling with reading, especially if there is an older sibling or friend who are not facing such kind of issue and are able to breeze through the process easily. Such things are not always so clear, as it is difficult to analyze that whether a child has a weakness that needs to be checked out, or if reading simply hasn’t “clicked” for them yet. There are certain specific reading behaviors that every parent can look out for. Here are some symptoms that are typical of a reading weakness:

  1. Sounding out words is difficult

In some cases, the students have a difficult time in decoding words, even if they are phonetically accurate. They might add or omit sounds. For example, they may read stream as steam.

  1. Difficulty learning and retaining sight words

They can have a difficulty in the attempt to sound out common words, or may do a lot of guessing (e.g. Purple for people).

  1. Slow and laborious decoding skills

A struggling student can get mired down in sounding out every word and may not be able to recognize the same word when they encounter it in the next paragraph.

  1. Difficulty reading fluently in context

Some students may be able to sound out words, but they are not able to put it all together on the page. This student’s reading is choppy; their lack of fluency might interfere with reading comprehension.

  1. Poor spelling

In some cases, the students have a difficulty in including all of the needed phonemes (optnrty for opportunity); and some students can spell phonetically, but cannot retain spelling patterns (opertunity for opportunity).

If a child is currently showing one or more of these signs, there may be a weakness that is affecting reading skills and for more information one can visit experts at reading difficulty centers in Delhi.


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