Career and Education

Why Mass Communication?


Firstly, BA/MA  in journalism and mass communication is not like other courses, rather its known to be a professional course. There are ample of opportunities in this course which an individual would like to pursue. This course offers various opportunities to get it into the industry- whether it is advertising, film-making or journalism. Everyone wants to make themselves famous, so mass communication course is the perfect course to do so because while doing this course an individual get a chance to learn about:

  • News anchoring
  • Reporting
  • Radio jockey
  • Making films
  • Direction
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Writer
  • Public relation
  • Online media

Most of the media colleges in Delhi believe that Mass Communication course is more of having practical knowledge rather than theory. This course is totally different from other courses as it helps an individual to boost or improve their talent or rather skills which can further help them out in existing in the industry. Some of the media colleges also provide a diploma in mass communication with specializations in print or electronic media after completing the course so that an individual can add a skill in their career. As this is known to be professional course so it also helps an individual to grab some professional attributes as compare to individual pursuing any other course like BBA, BCA etc.


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