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5 Essential Tips for Interior Designers

Interior designers, as a rule, are not people who follow rules or laws. They are brimming with creativity and work to the best of their abilities only when given total freedom. Having said that, there are a few essentials or guidelines that every budding designer pursuing an interior designing course like BBA in Interior Designing, for example, should jot down and follow.

  1. Hang the artwork at eye level: Artwork is an important part of the personality of any room. It gives the room life. Most properly designed places like art galleries and museums hang their artwork at 57 to 60 inches, which is the average human eye level.
  2. Don’t be too theme-oriented: It’s hard to resist the urge to do that, but most themes have gone cliché and clichés kill individuality. Try giving subtle hints at a theme that draws attention without being too obvious.
  3. Create a focal point: The interior of a room is your canvas. Designing it is your art. And no art piece can be called that if it lacks a focal point. The focal point is the centre of all attention, the star on the Christmas tree. Choose it wisely, and have the other elements complement it, so it all looks like it was made the way it is.
  4. Lighting should be in layers: The lighting is one of the things that can make or break a design. So make sure you put thought into it. Choose what you have to highlight and what must just raise slight curiosity. Lighting should have layers, and should be varied, so that it doesn’t look flat and even.
  5. Disregard all rules if they hinder your Creativity: Like I said at the start, nothing is more important than creativity. Everyone has their own perception, their own opinion of design, and that’s what makes it beautiful. If it pleases you, and your client, well, that’s all you need!

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