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Indicators of Learning Disabilities

At some point of time, many children face difficulties with writing, reading, or other learning-related tasks, but this does not mean they are suffering from any learning disability. If these following signs persist for long in the children,  then they may have a chance of having a learning disability.

  • Difficulty with reading/writing– In some cases, the child finds difficulty in reading/writing some common words, or may require a lot of guessing. (E.g. Pupil for people).
  • Difficulty in remembering: They forgot the same things taught for the day, or they may take some time to remember.
  • Difficulty with concepts- related to time: They may find difficulty in understanding the basic concept of telling the time. They may also confuse with the concept of 24- hour clock.
  • Easily distracted: The child may get easily distracted during the learning process, they may even can distract by the ticktock of the clock, chirping of birds, etc.
  • Problems with math skills: They may add instead of multiplication, or may get confused in understanding the basic mathematical expressions.
  • Problem in spelling the words: The child may get confused in spelling the common words too. (E.g. opertunity for opportunity).

If your child is currently showing one or more of these signs, then there may be a weakness that is affecting the learning skills and for more information, one can visit experts at reading difficulty centers in Delhi.



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