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5 Essential Tips for Interior Designers

Interior designers, as a rule, are not people who follow rules or laws. They are brimming with creativity and work to the best of their abilities only when given total freedom. Having said that, there are a few essentials or guidelines that every budding designer pursuing an interior designing course like BBA in Interior Designing, for example, should jot down and follow.

  1. Hang the artwork at eye level: Artwork is an important part of the personality of any room. It gives the room life. Most properly designed places like art galleries and museums hang their artwork at 57 to 60 inches, which is the average human eye level.
  2. Don’t be too theme-oriented: It’s hard to resist the urge to do that, but most themes have gone cliché and clichés kill individuality. Try giving subtle hints at a theme that draws attention without being too obvious.
  3. Create a focal point: The interior of a room is your canvas. Designing it is your art. And no art piece can be called that if it lacks a focal point. The focal point is the centre of all attention, the star on the Christmas tree. Choose it wisely, and have the other elements complement it, so it all looks like it was made the way it is.
  4. Lighting should be in layers: The lighting is one of the things that can make or break a design. So make sure you put thought into it. Choose what you have to highlight and what must just raise slight curiosity. Lighting should have layers, and should be varied, so that it doesn’t look flat and even.
  5. Disregard all rules if they hinder your Creativity: Like I said at the start, nothing is more important than creativity. Everyone has their own perception, their own opinion of design, and that’s what makes it beautiful. If it pleases you, and your client, well, that’s all you need!
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4 Reasons to opt for Courses in Mass Communication

Mass Communication Well, it’s all the buzz is about these days. Mass Communication is easily one of the hottest courses out there these days. If you’re looking for a reason to register or enroll in one of its courses, don’t worry, I’ll give you 4.

  1. The Service: Ever looked at an anchor or reporter on television, or read a really great article in a paper by a writer and felt thankful to them? If you did, that’s how your audience will feel once you get there. Thankful for the great service journalists provide us every day.
  2. The Pride: Imagine seeing your name in the papers right next to the article that you have written, or for the electronically inclined, imagine seeing yourself on T.V, chatting away to a prominent personality, cool as you please. What an ego trip right? The pride you’ll feel is incomparable and priceless.
  3. The Education (Of course): Believe me when I tell you, the things you’ll learn in one of the courses in Mass Communication are nowhere to be found. Photography, Production, Writing, Anchoring, Directing, are only few of the skills you stand to gain. All of them breathtaking job opportunities in themselves.
  4. The Fun: Oh! How could I forget that! The fun you’ll be having will be off the charts, take my word for it. Frequent events both on and off campus, meetings with celebrities, constant field trips, not to mention the variety of people you’ll meet and the friends you’ll make in the college. You are in for a time of your lives.

Mass Communication is an amazing course that will groom you not just for career but for your life in the future. It is a journey which is far more beautiful than the destination. Embark on it.


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Why Mass Communication?


Firstly, BA/MA  in journalism and mass communication is not like other courses, rather its known to be a professional course. There are ample of opportunities in this course which an individual would like to pursue. This course offers various opportunities to get it into the industry- whether it is advertising, film-making or journalism. Everyone wants to make themselves famous, so mass communication course is the perfect course to do so because while doing this course an individual get a chance to learn about:

  • News anchoring
  • Reporting
  • Radio jockey
  • Making films
  • Direction
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Writer
  • Public relation
  • Online media

Most of the media colleges in Delhi believe that Mass Communication course is more of having practical knowledge rather than theory. This course is totally different from other courses as it helps an individual to boost or improve their talent or rather skills which can further help them out in existing in the industry. Some of the media colleges also provide a diploma in mass communication with specializations in print or electronic media after completing the course so that an individual can add a skill in their career. As this is known to be professional course so it also helps an individual to grab some professional attributes as compare to individual pursuing any other course like BBA, BCA etc.

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What are the signs of reading difficulty?

The parents sometimes witness their child struggling with reading, especially if there is an older sibling or friend who are not facing such kind of issue and are able to breeze through the process easily. Such things are not always so clear, as it is difficult to analyze that whether a child has a weakness that needs to be checked out, or if reading simply hasn’t “clicked” for them yet. There are certain specific reading behaviors that every parent can look out for. Here are some symptoms that are typical of a reading weakness:

  1. Sounding out words is difficult

In some cases, the students have a difficult time in decoding words, even if they are phonetically accurate. They might add or omit sounds. For example, they may read stream as steam.

  1. Difficulty learning and retaining sight words

They can have a difficulty in the attempt to sound out common words, or may do a lot of guessing (e.g. Purple for people).

  1. Slow and laborious decoding skills

A struggling student can get mired down in sounding out every word and may not be able to recognize the same word when they encounter it in the next paragraph.

  1. Difficulty reading fluently in context

Some students may be able to sound out words, but they are not able to put it all together on the page. This student’s reading is choppy; their lack of fluency might interfere with reading comprehension.

  1. Poor spelling

In some cases, the students have a difficulty in including all of the needed phonemes (optnrty for opportunity); and some students can spell phonetically, but cannot retain spelling patterns (opertunity for opportunity).

If a child is currently showing one or more of these signs, there may be a weakness that is affecting reading skills and for more information one can visit experts at reading difficulty centers in Delhi.

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Things to know about the BBA in Interior Designing

The term Interior Designing is always used to refer to the course, which basically given the knowledge about it as an art as well as a science that enhances the interiors, exterior, of a particular space or a building, to accomplish a pleasing environment for the end user. Presently, this course is offered as a bachelor’s degree as well so that students don’t have to pursue another bachelor’s course for just a degree as a graduate. There is one of the interior designing courses in Delhi known as BBA in fashion designing that offers a degree Bachelor in Business Administration in Interior Designing.

This is a three year undergraduate course, that aims at imparting in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of interior designing and styling. This course offers knowledge about the spatial designs for working, living, institutional and hospitality environments. The students are also provided the conceptual and technical understanding of the subject.

The subjects are divided into three years as follows:

BBA 1st Year

  • Colors & Draft Building
  • Auto Cad
  • Interior Design
  • Building Construction
  • History Of Architecture

BBA 2nd  Year

  • Graphics
  • Building Construction And Marketing
  • Furniture Design Display
  • History Of Architecture
  • Project On Interior Design
  • Interior Designing

BBA 3rd  Year

  • Building Construction
  • Furniture Design Display
  • History Of Architecture
  • Estimation
  • Interior Design


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What is the difference between mass media and mass communication?

There is indeed a  difference between mass media and mass communication, but indeed it’s a very complex question as both are interlinked. In the simplest academic terms, Mass communication refers to the act of disseminating information to the mass/public, whereas mass media refers to the medium/method employed to disseminate this information. For example, broadcasting is a form of mass communication which is basically taught in the bachelor in mass communication.

News is broadcast via various mass media such as television channels or radio channels or a certain film. Thus, One cannot exist without the other!

However, in every day use, both terms are used interchangeably. Media is often loosely used to refer to the press, even though it encompasses entertainment media as well as news media. Books, newspapers, magazines, television, cinema/film, and the internet are all forms of mass communication, and each particular book, or a particular channel, or a particular website would be the mass media.

What the professionals do with the media channel they are a part of, to reach out to their audiences, is engaged in mass communication. It is also for this reason that the study of the mass media is usually referred to as the study of mass communication. For this the applicants have to get enrolled in courses in mass communication

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Things to know about diploma in Interior designing

An interior designing course is an apt field for someone who has an eye for minute details, and who further wants to learn the finer aspects of the same. It is a known fact that it is a fast growing professional field and it is growing more at a rapid speed with the growth of the real estate as well as construction industry that plays an important role. The Interior Design is a very expressive art and  it requires its professionals to be constantly on their feet with new ideas and creative inputs in their work. In Delhi, there are bachelors course offered at various institutes and now for people looking for quick success can go for a diploma in interior designing in Delhi.

An interior design institute in Delhi mainly offers three types of courses that are classified as A Three Year Course, A two year course and One year course. The 1-Year Diploma program in Interior Designing is mainly focused on creative planning and skilled design of interior space.

One year diploma mainly includes:

  • Introduction Principles of Interior Designing
  • Architectural Theory and Design Theory
  • Drawing, Sketching and Illustration
  • Designing of Furniture
  • Designing of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Storages, Staircases, and Partitions etc.
  • Construction Theory
  • Fabric / Textile Science

Career Options

  • Interior Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Project Consultant
  • Landscape Designer
  • Display Artist
  • Design Consultant
  • Faculty Position in Interior Design Related Institutes.
  • Commercial Complex Designer
  • Home Furnishing Designer
  • Tourist Resort Designer